Seaweed tour- pudding, pesto, sea palm paradise



I am totally strung out from waking up the past few days at 4 am. Even earlier morning tomorrow. This weekend I helped lead a seaweed harvesting tour based out of Russian Gulch State Park, Mendocino. Led by Tanya Stiller plant and algae expert! My favorite part of the trip was our 5 mi hike on trails leading out to the water fall at the state park. I was reintroduced to old plant friends and introduced to some new. Many of the same plants I met during college in Appalachia grow here along the coast. All of our seaweed curious students were inspiring each bringing a different type of enthusiasm, interest, awe and willingness to wake early, get wet and indulge in the palatable spectrum of tastes and textures seaweeds have to offer. I will soon post a sea palm fettuccine and pumpkin seed pesto recipe that Tanya shared with us this weekend.
We six women and one forage friendly gentlemen collected a variety of edible seaweed ranging from brown seaweeds like alaria and kombu to the smaller delicacies of the red zone nori, turkish washcloth, and fucus a rockweed. Last week my friend Saoirse and I made a chocolate cardamom pudding with Turkish towel. Growing in the same tidal zone, Turkish towel has properties similar to Irish moss- it’s a thickener.

Over the next two months, while I am on the East coast, Saoirse will be shipping seaweed for me. Last month Saoirse and her two beautiful children accompanied me out to the shore to learn more varieties of seaweed. In days to follow their bathroom was gracefully adorned with seaweeds which the kids had turned into bath toys. I’m not the only one that enjoys a bathtub full of seaweed. Anyways. I would love to keep that darling crew busy while I am investigating uncharted waters off the Atlantic. So please continue to order both variety packs found on the order Atlantic and order Pacific pages on this site.

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